Pro IT Services

IT not your thing? No worries—that’s why we’re here. With managed IT services from S3 Infotech, you can focus on your core business while we keep your systems and operations at peak performance.

Your On-Call IT Team

We know you have a lot of balls in the air. IT doesn’t need to be one of them. As a managed services provider (MSP), we sweat the small stuff—and the big—so you don’t need to. Our highly qualified technology specialists will transform your network into an efficient, cost-effective, and secure technology backbone that provides you with a strategic advantage.

Improve uptime, reliability, and security

You’ll work with a dedicated team that gets to know your business, partners with your staff, and excels at helping you meet your goals.

Devote more time to your business goals

When it comes to technology, you don’t want surprises—especially the big-ticket kind. Our emphasis on proactive management eliminates disruptions, slowdowns, and unplanned repairs to reduce your downtime and risk. Moreover, our managed IT packages come with a fixed monthly cost, providing you with budget predictability. Save the surprises for happy occasions so that you can spend more time and capital on your actual business goals.

Work with a partner that values your time

Your business relies on technology. When you need IT help, you need a partner who can solve your problems quickly and in terms you understand. That’s where our Help Desk comes in. Our team of technology pros is committed to your success. To us, that means that we not only solve your problem, but we take the time to make sure you’re confident in the solution—and all with a smile.

Get help in minutes—not days. When you call our Help Desk, you speak directly with a local S3 Infotech technician, not someone at a phone bank reading from a script. Our technicians are trained to vet and resolve issues quickly and, when necessary, will escalate the problem to your dedicated team immediately.

Our customers consistently cite our technicians for being friendly, personable, and quick to find a resolution—in short, for being part of their team. We post all voice-of-the-customer responses internally to celebrate our successes and learn when improvement is needed. We’re constantly aligning our team to your specific business and technology needs. Your success is our success.